Young Again

The options for rejuvenation treatments for the face and other areas of the body are too many to mention at length. Below is an overview of some of the possible non-surgical (minimally invasive or non-invasive) and surgical (invasive) treatments at Care to Bare that may help improve, reduce, or eliminate (in some cases) the signsRead More  

Foodie Fridays : Oppa

Yes, you read it right! Foodie Fridays is back! Hehe. My attempts at being a food blogger took a back seat due to the busy past few months. As a result, I am now facing an awesome problem, I have a pile of back log waiting to be posted.  Haha. A good example of how far behindRead More  

Care to Bare: Aqua Peel Facial Treatment

It’s been a while, yeah? ❤ This post will be about my first ever Aqua Peel experience. I’ve been getting facials and peels for the past centuries (kkkk~) because I seriously have bad skin. Some people go to the derma to maintain their flawless skin, I don’t. I go to the derma coz I have to.Read More  

Doublo: Long-Lasting Face Lift without Surgery

Skin and beauty treatment is all the rage in Asia and all over the world these days. Riding on the trend, Care to Bare Vanity Services is posting growth as it continuously brings the latest medical techniques and top-of-the-line equipment from Korea to make them within reach to Filipinos. It does not end there, sinceRead More  

Aqua Peel Not Your Ordinary Facial

If you’re a teenager, you probably expect that you’ll get acne — and you’ll almost certainly be right, since about 85% of all teens experience pimples each year. But if you’re older, especially if you’re in your mid 20’s, an acne breakout probably seems unfair. That’s what happened to me. When I was a teenager,Read More  

Facing Fears: The Aqua Peel Experience

The first time was unforgettable. I remember feeling apprehensive and excited at the same time. Then when it started, I just laid there and let her do her thing. I had tears in my eyes when it was over. I swore I will never do it again. Before your imagination runs wild, it’s not whatRead More  



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