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It’s been a while, yeah? ❤ This post will be about my first ever Aqua Peel experience. I’ve been getting facials and peels for the past centuries (kkkk~) because I seriously have bad skin. Some people go to the derma to maintain their flawless skin, I don’t. I go to the derma coz I have to. I’ve gone through diamond peels, chemical peels, acne surge and microdermabrasion before because my skin needs it. These facial treatments really give great results, but the thing is, I have to go through pain first. Errr T^T

So then, I discovered this new treatment called Aqua Peel, which is totally painless. I was informed by Syril, Manager of Care to Bare, that this gives the same results as what most facials give without the pain. When she told me it’s painless, that totally hit me and so I immediately booked an appointment and visited the branch nearest to me. kk~SAMSUNG CSC

Care to Bare, a Korean Skin Care Center offers Aqua Peel as one of their featured services. This treatment offers to cleanse, exfoliate, infuse nutrients, hydrate and brighten the skin. For more details about Aqua Peeling,CLICK HERE


Talk about exfoliation, that’s what I freakin need! I’ve been stressed out lately and my face seem to catch a lot of stress too as bumps and dead skin seem to conquer my face. kkkk~ T^T


Yo cousin so serious looking at some Entertainment magazines. kkk~ Their waiting lounge has a very cozy feel to it. Gotta love their sofas! it’s spacious too, unlike my derma’s clinic in Medical City (ooops—zarreh) kk~

Syril gave me a little tour first while I’m still waiting for the next available nurse to give my Aqua Peel. Yes, they only have Registered Nurses to handle our precious faces so we don’t have to worry!

Look!!! They have Korean Skin Care products! ❤ You know how much I love these things!


The brands are not the brands we know since they are Korean Dermatological med brands. Most of the time, the ones used and recommended by dermatologists aren’t the ones we can just buy from drugstores or cosmetic shops.
Though I’ve heard about Cell97.7 before because of some Naver blogs I visit, I believe it specializes in anti-aging.
Care to Bare Skin Care Center is very spacious, there are several rooms for every different treatment. The rooms are separated by cut walls and sliding doors, not just some curtain whatsoever so it really allows you to relax and not worry about other peeps looking at you while you get your treatment. (those nosy kind of people..tssss) kkkk~

Huge mirror! Oh yes~~ kkk

Care to Bare does not only specialize into Aqua Peeling, they also offer a lot of vanity/skin care treatments. You can go visit their website to see the services they offer.

One of those is the Permanent Laser Hair Removal. That roboto thing right there is the machine used for it,  imported from Korea.


One more service they offer is the RF (Radio Frequency) Slimming. This is something I want to try next! My friend in the US told me a thousand times about a treatment she gets twice or thrice a month which is called Diode Laser Slimming treatment that she keeps on raving about. I am so glad Care to Bare offers it! In my derma’s wellness center, she offers it for thrice the price!

Then now, to the room where I’ll get my Aqua Peel treatment.

The room for the Aqua Peel treatment is also similar with the other rooms, it also has a “bed” where you lie and get your treatment. My first dilemma, I can’t fit on the bed! hahahaha! My feet went hanging coz the bed is too short for me, kkkk~ 헐~ 어색해요. ㅠㅠ .. I am 171cm tall and I think the bed is 20cm short. kkkk~ But I’m okay. kkkk~
Aqua Peeling Process:
Before proceeding with the treatment, I filled out a form that asked for my personal data, answered some questions about my skin issues too so that they can personalize the treatment for me. They also assured that all data will be kept confidential. Well, thank you. ^^
So this is the machine used for Aqua Peeling, this machine has a unique spiral tip that gives a sucking motion on to the skin. While it’s being run on the skin, it removes the dirt and gets rid of dead skin cells while infusing hydro-serums on to the skin.

These are the hydro serums that are being delivered by the unique spiral tip to be infused on to the skin.

Before the Aqua Peel Session itself, I first had my face cleansed. They used a very gentle cleanser and some moisturizers to condition my skin first. I went there barefaced (imagine the shame!) so all I have on is sunblock. I don’t want my nurse having a hard time removing all that makeup. ^^

They took a Before and After shot! Don’t worry, it’s confidential, it’s just for the purpose of them tracking what more your skin needs for the next session.


So to the process, first, my nurse used the Aqua Peel machine tip to run it down on my skin. It peels off dead skin cells, exfoliates and it infuses the serum in. It’s totally painless and it also leaves a cooling sensation due to the hydro serum. After this, my skin was a little red because of the suction, but yeah, it did not hurt. Well, compared to the pain I’ve gone through diamond peeling and acne surge before. haha!

Second, to calm my skin’s redness, my nurse applied moisturizer. After this, she used the Ion Gadget which is something like Clarisonic but instead of the pore brush, it’s some sort of a well-polished ceramic/metal. It locks in the serums and the moisturizers applied earlier.

Third is the application of Gel Mask! Woooh~ Look at my House of Wax themed photo there. Never did I experience a mask applied all over my face, including my eyes and mouth! Hahaha~ I asked my cousin to take a photo and the heck she was laughin like crazy, I was laughing too imagining her face! Imagine the torture, I can’t even open my mouth. hahaha!! ❤

But on a serious note, this face mask is the most relaxing ever~! I swear I would pay just to get this kind of procedure once again. The mask is very cooling and its gel texture truly makes my skin feel firmer. I actually had a good 5~10-minute nap while I have this mask on.

They used the red light while I have my gel face mask on. It’s to let the gel mask dry faster while warming my skin up for better absorption.

Though there’s one thing I would like to suggest, I wish they play a background music. The place was super quiet, well not so much because Dion Ignacio (Philippine Model/Actor) was talking so much on the other room. hahaha! I can hear him clearly as he talks about his new drama. haha! Cousin said he looks cool, sayang! I did not see him. kkkk~ But yeah, I wish they play some relaxing music to add coziness. Since it’s a Korean company, a bit of Sung Si Kyung (성시경), Brown Eyed Soul or 4men (포맨) would be cool. Well I don’t wanna hear Fantastic Baby or Wolf at times like this. hahaha!


Another new experience for me! After the entire Aqua Peel treatment, my nurse applied this Mediblock BB cream on me! Whoa. I’ve been getting facial treatments before and I was always advised not to put any makeup on for the next 24 hours. I then asked my nurse and she said this BB cream is more of a skin care than makeup. It is something to protect my skin from the sun and from the dirt particles that may irritate my sensitive skin. Yes your skin becomes 5x more sensitive after any facial treatments.

I fell in love with this BB cream. It did not give me any weird bumps or anything, plus it feels really really lightweight! I am totally buying this next time. They sell this BB cream ya’ll!


After the entire process, I noticed that my skin looked brighter. My cousin noticed it too! I thought it was just psychological. LOL kkkk~ but yeah. I was advised by my nurse not to wear any make up on for the next 24 hours and that I should not wash my face too before I go to sleep. When I got home, my skin looked really really glowy! You know how Korean skin glows, right? My skin is so moisturized, I love it!!

The next day, I had to attend the Super Junior M Fanmeet so of course I have to wear makeup! My skin felt like a very smooth canvas, my makeup was very easy to blend and I did not have to put so much BB cream on anymore. ^^ Cool~!


Thank you so much to the entire Care to Bare team! ^^

I was supposed to come back for the 2nd session a week after, but I totally ruined the time interval because of, as usual, my busy busy schedule! I should start all over again to get better results. Will update you all in a separate blog post about my following visits! I will fix my schedule and make a visit again this week, will update you guys on how it’ll go.

Check out Care to Bare’s official website for more info. You can also like them on Facebook and Follow them on Instagram!

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