BMB Enzyme Brightening Remover

BMB Enzyme Brightening Remover is a product, containing natural botanical enzyme and moisture ingredient, suitable for cleansing, cleansing face from make-up and impurities.

BMB Enzyme Brightening Clear

BMB Enzyme Brightening Clear gets into the pores & cleans thoroughly, removes make-up & impurities through natural botanical enzyme activity process and contains mild amino acid type surfactant leaving skin feeling comfortable & refreshed without irritation.

Acnaid EGCG Powder

  1. Removal of old keratin and cleansing of skin wastes by the activity of enzymes
  2. Very convenient use for makeup removal and washing the face at one time
  3. The acidic level (pH 5.4) of the facial cleanser is safe and doesn’t cause any irritation.
  4. Contains a lot of moisturizing ingredients (cellulose and sorbitol) which leave skin soft and supple after your face is washed.

Directions : Place 1 g of powder into your palm and add some water, having enough lather. Rub and massage your face and rinse it off with water.

Sebum Clear

Effective control of sebum secretion through 3 step mechanism:

  1. Inhibition of excess sebum secretion
  2. Sebum absorption
  3. It has superior controlling effect of sebum secretion and leaves skin feeling fresh. As a fresh gel type, its balancing of sebum secretion makes your makeup last up to 8 hours without leaving a greasy feeling.

Directions : It should be applied at the last step of basic skin care and before makeup. Even and thin application of this will help your makeup spread evenly on the face. (Too much thick or uneven application may lead to lumping together of sebum-absorbing substances, leaving skin feel like keratin.)

Depending on skin condition and sebum secretion, the effect of sebum inhibition and absorption would be different.



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