Slimming and Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Capsaicin Hot Gel

1. Effective ingredients of capsaicin prevent accumulaton of fat in the body by emitting gentle heat and permeating into skin, effectively taking care of your eneven body line by promoting blood circulation and making skin elastic and smooth by tighting skin.
2. It is easy to absorb without feeling greasy.
* Applicable skin types: All types of skin
* Directions: Apply proper amount to skin and lightly massage for 3 – 5 minutes until gel permeates into skin completely.

Cellulote Detox Oil (Anti-Cellulite)

1. Activated substances deep in the skin help discharge wastes in the body, making your body beautiful and elastic.
2. Pure natural vegetable oil provides your tired and unyielding skin with sufficient moisture and nourishment, making it smooth.
3. It quickly permeates into skin without being sticky, leaving it feeling fresh.

Applicable skin type : All types of skin
Use : Apply a proper amount to your desired area and give a light massage for 3 ~ 5 minutes until oil permeates into skin completely.



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