Sun Protection

Sun Cream SPF 50+ / PA ++ ( SPF 61 )

KFDA-approved UV-blocking Cosmetic

1. Perfect blocking of UVA and UVB
2. Arbutin, Co-Q10 and BMB keep skin clear and transparent.
3. As an oil-free type, it is non-comedogenic and leaves skin looking matt. Because it is waterproof, it won’t run or come off.
4. It can also be used as a makeup base. Non-irritating product based on clinical trial of hospitals

Applicable skin type: All skin types including acne-prone or oily skin
Use : Apply it on your face, neck, arms and legs or any parts that are easily exposed after all skin care regimen but within 30 minutes before you go out to allow permeation into skin. When sweat or water reaches your skin, get rid of moisture and then reapply it.



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